Halvik’s team combines a nimble approach with innovative technologies to modernize, secure, and sustain our customers’ mission critical systems, processes, and data.

Halvik provides end-to-end program lifecycle solutions utilizing innovative and emerging technologies from program and system architecture design, analysis/development/testing, through to operations and maintenance. Our capabilities, industry leading experience, and the trust our client place in us enable us to realize the promise of Agile management and adaptive IT.


We will identify and develop solutions that result in measurable improvements to your supply chain and enterprise implementations.


Digital Services

We deliver mission focused, rapidly-deployed, scaled, optimized, and secured IT solutions for the on-demand support our customers need.


Advanced Analytics

We optimize Data Management by using Advanced Analytics, Information Management Solutions and Data-driven decision making.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We implement AI/ML solutions that unlock new capabilities, achieve productivity gains, and deliver dramatic quality of life improvements for the federal workforce.



Our cybersecurity expertise will allow your program to operate securely despite threats, disruption and attacks.


Management Consulting

We will help you build resilient and agile plans to navigate the turbulent situations and challenges that stand between you and a secure future.



“Because of accountability to taxpayers, agencies strive to meet mission goals at lower costs by better utilizing resources. We utilize our extensive experience to make this happen by using a wide variety of capabilities designing and delivering enterprise IT services.”

Halvik services have helped our clients to:
  • Transition from Waterfall to Agile Software Development Lifecycles through our Agile Coaching
  • Integrate DevOps and Agile Development to increase software release schedules and frequency of delivery to better align delivered software with business needs
  • Rapidly prototype production ready next generation systems on leading edge technologies through Lean Minimal ViableProduct (MVP) methodologies and architecture oversight
  • Automate Testing in DevOps environments to streamline test integration from unit testing to user acceptance testing
  • Deliver robust and flexible Content Management System (CMS) platforms to ensure consistent content delivery across the enterprise leveraging Open Source CMS, NoSQL, Web based CMS packages