At Halvik we understand that the true measure of our success is determined by our client relationships. Our clients determine the destiny of our company. We have built a business that has deep and lasting client relationships based on the trust that comes from high quality sustained performance over time. Our clients engage with us to guide them with key decisions that affect not only their IT but also their overall mission.

Defense & Intelligence

Halvik applies expertise in Logistics, Digital Services, Cybersecurity, and Advanced Analytics solutions to support the Department of Defense and Intelligence communities in their pursuit of mission-based directives to protect the nation.

Our Defense and Intelligence Customers

Civilian & Health

For 13 years Halvik has provided Management Consulting, end-to-end architecture, development, maintenance, and infrastructure support for large mission critical systems for many civilian agencies including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Department of Transportation, and the Government Publishing Office.

Our Civilian Customers

National Security

Halvik’s innovative approach uses Digital Services, Cybersecurity, Big Data, management best practices and advanced technology solutions to arm law enforcement agencies and our diplomatic corps with the intelligence they need to anticipate and respond to threats.

Our National Security Customers