Our expert value added services align our clients’ strategy to their technology offering and positions them to leverage emerging technologies, to better respond to rapidly changing business needs. Our service portfolio coupled with expertise and industry experience is the cornerstone for enabling our customers to achieve business agility and flexible IT.


Application Lifecycle Services

Halvik draws on years of applications expertise to offer comprehensive Application Lifecycle Services. We take responsibility for the operational management of your current applications, while working with your CIO and business leaders to simplify your landscape.

Cut Your Costs, Not Your Potential

Application Lifecycle Services is a managed service for all or part of your application landscape, covering application conception, design and deployment through service, renewal and disposal. Our robust delivery models including Agile engineering reduce costs and deliver maximum:

Halvik offers end-to-end application management services that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality you need to successfully build, run and evolve your enterprise applications and enables IT departments to target opportunities for near-term cost reduction while laying the foundation for long-term competitiveness.

Benefits include the following:

  • Significant short- and long-term cost reduction
  • Elimination of functional redundancies across business silos
  • Reduced IT complexity resulting from disparate systems and a lack of IT governance
  • Economies of scale across projects
  • Solutions that align the application portfolio with business goals
  • Objective, transparent advice based on extensive analysis, industry benchmarking and user group priorities
  • Platform for application portfolio modernization
  • Efficient wind-down of lines of business and related applications

Quality Assurance

Halvik focuses on people, processes and technologies to streamline and optimize the testing function, delivering the following benefits:

  • Significant cost reduction (20 to 40 percent on average)
  • Increased productivity and decreased testing time
  • Accelerated product releases
  • Full lifecycle testing approach
  • Early defect detection and resolution
  • Improved quality through standardized processes and best practices (IEEE, ITIL®, CMMI, ISO and QAI)

Line of site into testing coverage and quality at every stage through requirements traceability and risk-based modeling


our sourcing model and industrialized delivery methods reduce costs up to 33%


variable application costs and adaptable business services improve agility and reduce end-to-end time up to one-third.


aligning IT with business strategy boosts the value of your IT and your business potential.

Business Information Services

As your trusted partner, Halvik will work to help you bring order to your Big Data. With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data – allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before. Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we’ll provide you the strategic guidance you need to succeed.

NoSQL Databases

  • MarkLogic
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4J
  • Solr

Hadoop Ecosystem Technologies:

  • Cloudera
  • Hadapt
  • Hortonworks
  • HBase
  • Hive

Cloud Services

Today’s organizations strive to unlock the potential of cloud computing to fuel business growth. By offering a wide range of services covering all domains and cloud delivery models, Halvik can help you design and build the cloud solution that optimizes your return on investment in this revolutionary technology.

Design a Cloud

Leverage Halvik’s expertise in industry leading analytics and tools to design a cloud strategy and an implementation plan to get there.

Build a Cloud

Accelerate your adoption of cloud with implementation services from Halvik’s experts.

Secure your Cloud

Gain insights into the security strengths and vulnerabilities of your cloud infrastructure and a comprehensive remediation plan that focuses on the present and prepares for the future.

Manage your Infrastructure

Use Halvik’s cloud-based services to help secure your IT infrastructure, manage the health and performance of your data center’s resources, and optimize service desk support.

Store your data in the Cloud

Optimize your data center space with a cloud-based, scalable storage virtualization solution from Halvik experts.

Access a virtual Infrastructure

Streamline your IT infrastructure using Halvik’s expert guidance on enterprise-class virtual server environment or a cloud-based desktop environment.

Back up and recover using Cloud

Transform your data backup and recovery using a full suite of cloud-based services from Halvik.

IT and Business Strategy

IT departments must be organized to meet business objectives while at the same time stay flexible in order to adapt to changes as the business requires. As a trusted partner, Halvik will work with you to define operating models aligned to business objectives and industry best practices. We closely work with business and IT on delivering competitive advantage by leveraging IT to transform business operations. Our offerings include:

  • Holistic analyses of an IT organization, including business‑IT alignment, technology, operations, governance and processes
  • End-state definition, including target portfolio, Program Management Office, governance and enterprise architecture
  • Capital planning and cost-benefit analysis to evaluate value proposition
  • Effect changes in the application portfolio (including retirements and consolidation) for immediate outcomes
  • Short-term and long-term implementation roadmaps, from as-is to desired future state

DevOps Services

Halvik has developed a proven methodology to help clients prepare for a DevOps culture. Our approach is based on accepted industry best practices and takes into account people, business processes and technology (tool) frameworks essential for the successful use of DevOps methods. Each element of our DevOps methodology is supported by a playbook that our clients customize for their DevOps implementation.

The core elements of our approach include:

We help articulate what DevOps means for your organization. We help your organizations develop a shared vision for DevOps instituting a change in IT culture, focused on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of a “viable” methodology in a systems development context.

DevOps is not a replacement for currently deployed methodologies such as ITIL but, rather, an approach to how to implement and use them. We help you “rightsize” the existing processes for change configuration and release, great complements to a DevOps initiative.

We help you in choosing and implementing one or more tools such as Puppet, chef, kickstart, Jenkins. This includes picking a lean, automated, programmable and continuous delivery framework and configuring with lean and agile concepts.

We help you identify and build skills in DevOps frameworks and build willingness in DevOps participants to widen their responsibility or assume ownership for their work through the life cycle of the application.

We help you define the metrics aligned to the end goal—business enablement via faster releases. And move the focus from mean time to repair (MTTR) or mean time between failures (MTBF), to promoting proactive fixes and not mere real team resolution.

Infrastructure and Security

Halvik secures IT infrastructures, applications, and data. Our services include security assessment, strategy and planning, architecture and design, implementation, and operations. We also align security with business needs and engage in certification processes for PCI DSS, SSAE 16 among others.

Integrated Security Infrastructure

Integrated Security is the practice of implementing and managing security technology needs. This helps you evolve from the semi-coordinated deployment of point solutions to a carefully considered and accurately budgeted deployment of technology as an integrated security infrastructure.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Key threat and vulnerability management functions and technologies include alert management, intrusion detection, vulnerability detection and patch management. Turn to Halvik for the latest developments in threat and vulnerability management, like integration of the physical and logical security within organizations in which we expect to see combined IT/physical security operations that include access management, alert correlation and monitoring, and intrusion monitoring.

Identity and Access Management

Halvik’s Identity and Access Framework addresses the business and technical aspects of Identity and Access Management and fuses technology and process in a way that impacts both the cost base and productivity of an organization

Mobile Services

Employees may use the communications and collaboration tools you provide, but many are bringing in their own devices, expecting to connect seamlessly with corporate applications and each other. This new mobile business model — with anytime, anywhere transactions and a blurring of lines between corporate and individual — can make your IT organization feel like it has lost control. For all the good that comes with mobilizing your workforce, there are challenges: maintaining security and compliance, managing multiple device platforms and addressing complex mobile requirements.
Halvik can help your staff develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace.

Mobile Infrastructure Strategy and Planning

Accelerate deployment of your mobile initiatives with strategic planning

Mobile Enterprise Services

Manage BYOD and the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and handheld devices in your enterprise and the growing demand for secure access to corporate data

Network Infrastructure Services for Mobile

Design an enterprise wireless infrastructure that connects people to each other and the information they need, while lowering costs and enhancing security

Mobile Security services

Protect smart phone and tablet users against mobile device risks like theft, viruses, spyware and unauthorized applications

Unified communication and collaboration for mobile

Connect and collaborate with unified communications services with integrated voice, data and video to support a mobile workforce

Mobile Application Platform Management

Develop, deploy and better manage end-user mobile applications

Smart Business Desktop Cloud

Private cloud solutions to support your mobile enterprise

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