Halvik’s promise of continuous delivery through DevOps is propelled by Agile software development practices.


We use small, effective project teams to optimize results. By collaborating with organizations throughout the design and development process, we create user-focused solutions to put the concentration back on the mission. Our service portfolio and industry experience gives us the deep insight necessary to make an Agile organization a reality. We tailor our IT services in line with CMMI and ISO as well as government standards to assure infrastructure and security compliance. Our approach reduces the time and risk associated with designing and delivering IT solutions.

Vision & Values

Halvik equips agencies with a solution that empowers the users by emphasizing integrated IT processes that work. We add value by understanding agency, department, and user goals and challenges. We do all this with a commitment to integrity and ethics that has marked Halvik since its founding. We are committed to integrity and building lasting relationships. Our employees are dedicated to ethics, innovation, and a balanced life. This cultivates a corporate environment built around respect, quality and support to our fellow employees, our customers, and our community.

Meet The CEO

Madhavi Bathula, M.D.CEO and Founder

The true measure of success and satisfaction rests with the only people who really determine company’s destiny: customers. We have built a business that has deep and lasting customer relationships, with the type of trust that can only come over time with sustained high quality performance. Our customers recognize us, and our skills, and engage us to guide them with key decisions that affect not only their IT, but their business and hence their people.

The key ingredient for success is our people within, and we have always chosen to work with the type of people who share our integrity and commitment, but also want to grow within the company. Today we are a thriving team of professionals ranging from capture, marketing, to technologists and enablers. We are very selective on how we augment our team, to ensure that we do not lose sight of the purpose we started with. Our customers depend on us today for a wide range of services, not limited to certain verticals but to cover the breadth of IT. As such, we’ve expanded the range of what our customers can engage Halvik for, and we will continue this expansion to cover a breadth of solutions and services.

Our mission will not be complete without an eye for the future. As technology evolves, Halvik is working hard to keep ahead of the trends and solutions that can bring true value to our customers. Developing and delivering enhanced user experiences that engage customers has become table-stakes. And agile is a key principle in this process that says there is no end outcome, only an evolving, ever-present, ever-expanding development life cycle. Agile and DevOps are driving efficiencies for our customers by enabling them to quickly assess how IT systems are performing. This, in turn, enables them to deliver solutions quickly, optimize resource utilization and minimize unnecessary costs.

My message will not be complete without discussing community. Coming from the medical background, I believe in compassion and philanthropy, our success should be shared with those in need, and Halvik’s culture encourages giving back to the community. We have strongly valued supporting charitable organizations, through both corporate events, volunteering our time, and employee corporate donations.


We are committed to delivering quality work to our customers. Here are some of the ways it shows:
  • 2016 Inc 5000 Award
  • 2016 USPAACC Fast 50 American Business Award
  • 2016 CIO Source Top 25 DevOps Companies Transforming Business
  • 2015 USPAACC Fast 50 American Business Award
  • 2015 CIO Review 50 Most Promising IT Service Companies
  • 2014 INC 500 Award
  • 2014 USPAACC Fast 50 American Business Award


Halvik helps federal agencies leverage the latest technology to serve the American people. Agencies in the Federal Government face enormous pressure to deliver superior services more efficiently. Because of the accountability to taxpayers, agencies strive to meet mission goals at lower costs by better utilizing resources. We utilize our extensive experience, including a wide variety of capabilities designing and delivering enterprise IT services.
Our IT solution
  • Promote data and information exchange across departments and agencies

  • Streamline operations and automate process

  • Transform the development lifecycle to give Users the desired functionality

  • Consolidate project teams increasing efficiency, productivity, and cost savings


GSA Alliant Small Business

Contract: GS-06F-0652Z

Prime or Sub – Prime Contractor

Contract Type – GWAC IDIQ

Contract Size – $15 Billion

Contracting Agency – GSA; Small Business GWAC Center

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Contract: AG-3198-B16-0013

Prime or Sub – Prime Contractor

Contract Type – BPA

Contract Size – $22 Million

Contracting Agency – USDA FNS

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Mr. Saju Varghese


Contract: P16PA00067

Prime or Sub – Prime Contractor

Contract Type – BPA

Contract Size – $38 Million

Contracting Agency – DOI NPS

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GSA Schedule 70

Contract: GS-35F-328BA

Prime or Sub – Prime Contractor

Contract Type – GWAC IDIQ

Contracting Agency – GSA

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