Halvik rebrands to respond to increased client demands for our services and to focus capability offerings

Halvik, a leader in strategic technology solutions for Application Architecture, Enterprise/Mobile Agile Development, DevOps, and Test Automation, has rolled out a comprehensive corporate re-branding initiative. This re-branding will encompass all aspects of the brand’s visual identity, as well as update and focus the company’s mission, capabilities, and vision. Halvik will retain its core commitment to “Smarter IT – Delivered”.

As a rapidly-growing Information Technology (IT) services company, Halvik is consistently expanding its client and service capability portfolio. This expansion and growth have presented the need and opportunity to re-evaluate, not just the visual identity of Halvik, but to define Halvik’s key ingredients that allows us, and our client’s, to be successful. From this evaluation, the opportunity to redefine and align the Halvik brand with our distilled corporate vision and strategy was presented.

Halvik was founded in 2007 and has continuously increased its service offerings and has rapidly responded to changes in information technology products and solutions. Our strong partnership with our clients has allowed us to promote process transition, from Waterfall development practices, to Agile lifecycles, which provides greater collaboration with our clients. Combined with our DevOps expertise, which marries development and operations through constant collaboration, Halvik has significantly decreased product deployment times, while reducing risk. As Halvik continues to grow, and the requests for our services increases, the leadership has several changes to keep up with demand, and plan for the future:

  • Branding – As Halvik moves into the future, our bold, new look is part of a transformation to increase awareness, and to distinguish ourselves for our current and prospective clients.
  • Logo – Our first component of our revised brand is our new logo, which conveys Halvik’s forwarding learning approaches and innovations.
  • Website – The redesigned halvik.com website incorporates the look and feel of the new Halvik brand, and serves as an informational resource that incorporates success stories and competitive information.

“We help ‘right-size’ your existing processes and supplement them with our mature and proven methodologies to be a catalyst for change by leveraging Agile Development, DevOps, and Automated Testing to significantly reduce total cost of ownership”

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